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Defendo, created by Bill Underwood, is the internationally approved "Occidental System of Self-Protection" designed to enable it's practitioner to put an immediate end to any physical confrontation, with or without weapons, turning the attacker into the victim.

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Clive Elliott

Clive Elliott is the U.K. representative and Director of Defendo UK and has trained and taught a variety of martial arts professionally on an international basis. He is also the Chief Instructor and Founder of Kennet Valley Cross Training and Clive Elliott's Martial Arts Academies (est. since 1989). He has been training in martial arts for 35 years, and teaching for 22 years.

Defendo DVD Offer

Defendo DVDs

The entire Defendo UK system has been recorded onto 3 DVDs. These are ideal training aids for students and instructors alike.

Prices are below. You will be able to order online real soon. But for now, please contact us with your order request, and we will take your order offline.

Prices (buy online soon!)

3-Disc Box Set £50  
Single Disc - Disk 1 £20  
Single Disc - Disk 2 £20  
Single Disc - Disk 3 £20  
UK Postage & Packaging £8